The “patient journey” can be defined as the positive or negative experiences one encounters from the first time, they meet with a provider, their diagnosis, to outpatient care. At Simpatra™, we work hand in hand with your provider to enhance every aspect of your patient journey. Our goal is to utilize cutting-edge technologies to elevate patient outcomes and to improve patient outreach. Ranging from complex algorithms used during procedures, simple emails informing you of your appointment, or aftercare articles to make you feel more comfortable about the treatment you just received. Whatever your visit might entail, we are firmly committed with your provider in ensuring that you have a consistent medical experience and receive the highest quality of care.

Technology That Helps Patients

We are continually developing technologies that will help improve your patient journey. Such as our dosing calculator that provides recommended dosages by using each patient’s unique health records, which helps your provider treat you correctly. The dosing calculator also allows your provider to schedule appointments more efficiently. We’re looking for new ways to help make your medical experience consistent and effective.

Patient Resources

We provide a wide array of resources to further educate you on BHRT, and to help guide you during your patient journey. Such as our database of research articles that we host in our support channel, along with our blogs that will give more insight into all things hormones. To check out our blogs, click here.

The Simple Things

We will provide you with e-mails that will remind you of appointments, along with aftercare articles and other materials to assist you. We believe it’s important to provide you with these simple things because we care about your medical experience.